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Patients from Central Ohio including Columbus, Marysville, Marion, Bellefontaine, Springfield, Powell, Worthington, Delaware, and Mansfield can conveniently schedule appointments in our Dublin office.

Breast Procedures
Replacement Augmentation

Breast implants are mechanical devices and all fail (break) sooner or latter. Although today's implants are made to the highest standards, wear and tear in the form of mechanical stress eventually causes a rupture. In saline implants this presents as a deflation with loss of volume. With silicone gel filled implants, detection of ruptures is more difficult. This is why I recommend that my patients with silicone gel filled implants be seen yearly. Often the presenting finding is capsular contracture in those patients who are not followed yearly.

Saline implant replacement is generally straight forward and almost always, can be performed in our accredited office operating room. The standard charge for a straight forward saline implant replacement is $1200.00 plus the cost of the implant if its replacement is not covered under its initial warranty. Most deflated saline implants that are less than 10 years old will be replaced at no cost to the patient!

Silicone breast implants can be and often are more difficult to replace. Some may still qualify for replacement in our office. In those cases, silicone gel implant replacement for ruptured implants less than 10 years old may also qualify for replacement at no cost to the patient.

Replacement of implants that are markedly distorted, malpositioned or involved with severe capsular contracture will be performed at slightly higher costs. Those costs will be presented to you after your initial evaluation in the form of a written cost analysis.

Print this page and bring it with you for a complimentary initial implant replacement consultation.

Breast Augmentation

Replacement Augmentation

Complimentary, implant replacement consultation

Revision Augmentation

Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Breast Reduction/
Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast Reduction Techniques

Informed Consent for Breast Reduction